Max Trainer Reviews – M3, M5 and M7

When you find that you are not getting enough time in hand to work out in the gym, you should consider gifting yourself a home gym like the recent Bowflex Max Trainer. This is intuitive and easy-to-use fitness equipment which will provide you with cardio training and resistance training simultaneously. You can boost your endurance levels, strength your cardiovascular functions and burn more calories when you use this machine. It comes in a unique and attractive design and is often called reverse elliptical machine; it is actually a combination of a stair-stepper, a stationary bicycle and an elliptical trainer. This unique movement is zero impact which means that you will not hurt yourself or damage your joints by working out on this machine.

The M5 is the premium model in the Lax Trainer Series; however, it comes for quite a decent price when compared with other fitness equipments like it. Read some good Bowflex Max trainer reviews to know how much you can benefit out of it. The main idea behind working out on the Max Trainer is to be able to burn a greater number of calories than would be possible by working out on standard elliptical trainers and treadmills.

What makes the Max Trainer so popular for home workouts?

  • There are many attractive features of the Max Trainer that have made it very popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. Amongst these is its versatility; the Max Trainer has 16 resistance levels and users can choose one according to their preference by adjusting a turn dial. The best way to avoid stagnating after getting amazing results in the first few months is to keep increasing your resistance levels. This is possible when you buy the Max Trainer for your home because you can set your own activity levels depending upon your progress. There are multiple levels to choose from making this machine useful for seasoned athletes and amateurs alike.
  • Upper Body Workouts: The best part about the Max Trainer from Bowflex is that it guarantees far more upper body workouts than any other cardio training equipments. They will help you strengthen your arms¬†while you are focusing on your cardio training. So, it helps users to work out different muscle groups in their body at the same time. You can also monitor the heart rate using the chest strap without having to buy a separate gadget for this purpose.
  • Easy-to-Use: The machine is very user-friendly; it is also fitted with a handy backlit display making it convenient for the users to see their progress on screens. They can even sync their results through a free tracking app on their smartphones. This will ensure that you stay motivated and continue to accomplish your weight loss and fitness targets. There are multiple in-built programs which you can try out such as the Smart Max Interval or Fat Burn or Fitness Test. You can hope to burn maximum calories when you choose the interval training modes like the Smart Max Interval or Max Interval.
  • Guarantees: The Bowflex Max Trainer comes with a unique two-year guarantee which is quite high compared to others in this price range. You can return the product within 6 weeks with a 100% refund when you are not happy with the machine.